29 December 2005

Hello MR Winter!

Yes people can u believe it...hes here..(why have i made him male and not female dont ask...lool).. Hows it feel? personally i dont like cold weather i like spring the best weather of all time...however al7amdullah 3ala kil khare:)...the days are making me feel much older and more wiser and each day i start to appreacte life more and more...we all have problems but we should try to keep them as far away from our happiness because any minute these precise moments can be taken away from you...every person i meet and luv i tell them...its very important..there are times where u dont know but u make a difference somewhere in someones life...:)...i love laughing and smiling...i like the new me..


irfs said...

yes finaly mr winter is here even in bahrain ...but i tell u he's evil, he's given me a cold and messed up my holidays.. and whats worse when i go back to london i'll have to face mr winters older brother, mr winter senior who's brought snow with him...lol ;) hehe

sweetd said...

LOOOOOOOOOL! hehe ur so cuteee aww i hope u get better cutie from the cold u have:)...thanx for ur comment:)...

PlumPetals said...

Winter sure is here! I had almost put my winter clothes back ... thinking that it was just going to pass us by - but HE'S here! I love the cool, crisp mornings with the sun shining in the air ... makes everything feel fresh.

Hope you're still laughing and smiling! Happy New Year :)

sweetd said...

awww happy new year to u too:) thanx hehe....yeah im doing okay:) thanx for asking hehe

pinkbling said...

The weather is sooo cold in the morning! Mr.Winter, when will you bring back Mrs Summer? I liked her more :(

sweetd said...

awwww hehe yeah i guess sometimeswe miss her:)

R2K said...

Hi from NYC :)

whoami123 said...


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