05 December 2005

Tears of....distruction!

OH MYGOD! whats up with my eyes they just keep tearing up..every lil stupid event makes me go all mushy...is there a new flu going round if there is i need vaxeeen quick...wait let me learn how to spell it first:P:P:P...so today i did soo bad on my math quiz i cudnt hold myself when u study really hard and try ur best and seem to be on the same spot that kils!...i just hope things work out for the best...im melting..........(fades away the crying)


Blue Fairy said...

hey its ok.....everybody has those days were things juts dont go your way...but thankfully its just a day or 2 then u will be ok.....theres always another maths exam u can take just make sure u know where u made ur mistake.....hows the driving going now? U shld get a big L sign on the back of ur car then everybody will get out of ur way ;)

sweetd said...

looooooool i dont need a sign anymore im qite aware of how to drive as safely as i can :P plus f i put it people will annoy me more:P...driveing is good even though its tiring and stressful! :) inshallah i have alot of studying to do before next week;)...so wish me luck everyone!ps thanks for ur concern!!:) i really appreactate it