17 February 2007

Dear Kuwait...


But I wish the "3agad" will leave some day!

I drive in the streets and they are there.

I remembered you Critisizer.

I thought about how much hatered you felt for them

That of course is just a dream

Where will we find real PEACE?

Help us catch them

Help us everyone

So we can get rid of these creature

That we cannot call "our friends"


This post is for you The Critisizer... yest i went to the gulf street and was harassed by these "3agad":( forgoodness sake its still not 3eed ilwa6any why r u partying so early?!!?...I wish these people get banned ...


snookie said...

yeah man.. we some serious ethnic cleansing.. :)

Zed said...

ethnic cleansing... HA... we need a miricle.... or just a nuclear bomb

Zed said...

* miracle

BLaSha said...

they'll neva leave

The Criticizer said...

Poor you, sorry to hear that. :/

I don't think we'll ever get rid of them b@stards because they breed by the second and they multiply by fission!

Maybe one day we'll come up with a pif-paf look-a-like spray that can affect only on 3agad, killing them ALL! :@

sweetd said...

Snookie: hehe 7ada:(

Zed: very TRUe "we need a miracle:P" thats a song by the way

Blasha: i still want to wish and hope hard enough

The Criticizer: yeah:( loooooooool 7abate the pifpaf!! lol maybe if al bloggers stick together:P