05 October 2007

Any Suggestions?

I want a song that can be played on the piano...anyone know any?


snookie said...

forrest gump theme..

also check out the great movie score composer John Williams for ET.. i LOVE it.


actually all of John Williams movie scores are FANTASTIC..

snookie said...

wow.. im watching that video and it's giving me chills

EniGma said...

snookie anything by john williams is great

hiw about rianna0 unfailthful? u'll even find tutorials on youtube it's pretty easy. or nickelback if everyone cared

don't u like classical music?

snookie said...

also try ziyad ra7bani.. composed a lot of fairuz's songs on piano

N. said...

Any of the James Bond themes, just for change! :p

3baid said...

Try disney music.

Ms Loala said...


But his work is merely music, will that do?

sweetd said...

snookie: :D I'm looking to learn that...I dont think i can get Fairuzs songs on sheetmusic :/

Enigma: yeah I like those songs...and yep i luv classical music :D laish!?

N.: LOOOOOOOOOL i used to play it on the guitar:P yeah thats a nice idea...hehe thanx :P

3baid: I've tried "A Whole New World"...hehe..im a sucker for Disney

Ms Loala: inshallah soon ill be pickin up some yanni peices :) yes it will do :D

Thanx guys for the suggetions..;) sorry for replyin late...been busy lately