23 November 2007

I'm LegaL

Today I turned 21
My net is back and has been back for a couple of days
I submitted my work (cross your fingers for me)
I'm planning to have a even busier semester next year

Time only showed us how things can turn out. Although things didn't work out, I did try my best. I didn't and will not ever forget you. Thanks for everything :)

I'm trying to think of things I wanted to do before I turned 21, but there's nothing.
Whether your wondering or not, I'm not planning to celebrate.
I'm totally in love with two songs:

When I heard this one I thought it was a cross between J-lo, Celine Dion and a bit of Kelly Clarkson
I had to keep listening to the radio to find out who sings Am I dreaming, I love MARINA FM it's amazing how they have the name of the song while it's on the radio

*Sorry I couldn't get the embedment but these songs are not to be MISSED


shoosha said...

happy bday :D

Bojacob said...

Happy 21st :)

Ah, it's depressing when the first thought that pops up is "oh man, when I was your age..."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Kaos said...

Damnit I wanted to be the 1st to comment oh well happy 21st
*fireworks and cinco de mayo style celebration wooohoooooooo

sweetd said...

shoosha: thanx :D

Bojacob: yeahhhhh so true :( im feeling abit annoyed when I turned this age

M: Thank you cutie...

Kaos: its okay :D as long as u said it thats all that matters :D
make me a party someone:/

N. said...

happy bday *~!~!~* ya3nee fireworks and confetti :p

The Criticizer said...

kel 3am wintay eb5air. :)

Nomad said...

happy Bday kiddo =)

sweetd said...

n.: awwwwwwwww thanx :$:$:$ thats cuteeeee

The crit: thank you :D

Nomad: thanx nomad