17 November 2007

Less than 6 days..

There's only a few days till my bday...thats the 23rd of nov...I don't have anything planned...:P I don't wanna turn 21!!! ahhhhh I feel SUPER OLD!!


Ra7aLaH said...

21 is fun!!! sen il roshed! happy birthday moqadman!

Stewie said...

happy early birthday!! ..

21 must be a special one ;) .. go to somewhere so qadeeeeem you haven't go to since ages ..

for me enshalla my 21 in few months .. i planned to go to el tarfeehya!! LOL ;p

goodluck :)

sweetd said...

Ra7alah: thank you :) and welcome to my blog

Stewie: I dont feel like its special at all...happy bday for the future..:) welcome to my blog too;)