29 January 2008

2 Days of Disaster

1st Day at work

My trainer left me for a while and a guest came...

G1: Hi...how are you?
SD: I'm fine...how can I help you?
G1: Can you mail this for me?
SD: I'm not sure
G1: What?
SD: I'm a trainee could you please wait for college
G1: Huh? The stamps are in that cabnet
SD: I'm new here...It's my first day please take a seat and my college will be back in 5 mins...If you don't have anything to do..
G1: Sure...5 min...
I'm trying not to make too much convo...cuz we were told not to
G1: so ............ Where are you from?
SD: umm Kuwait
G1: You've lived here all your life?
SD: Kind of...( I try to contune reading pretending to be busy and wishing she will be back)

That was a disaster

2nd Day

It seems like everytime they leave me a lone something happens!!

Phone rings "RING RING"

SD: good afternoon B-centre SweetD speaking how can I help you?
Operater: yes who is this?
SD: I'm sweetD
O: Where is L?
SD: she's not here but would you like me to take a msg
O: there is someone on the line who wants *^*%(&^$ (seriously I had no idea what she said)
SD: What?
O: I have a person who wants to speak to ^(&^$(&^^
SD: sorry is that one of the business rooms?
O: No...Can I transfer him to you and you speak to him?
SD: Can't you call back?
O: no, he's waiting do you want to talk to him?
SD: umm can you tell him to call back?
O: no hes on the line waiting
SD: Ummm wait for L
O: okay fine

ahhhh :S...

Person comes

G2: Hi how you doing? Can I ask if there is ( I blanked out and had no idea what he was saying)
SD: I'm not sure but if you can have a seat my college will come and she will tell you
G2: 5 mins...alright...so SweetD...is that how they say your name?
SD: yeah...
G2: you say it for me?
SD: SweetD?
G2: where you from?
SD: Kuwait
G2: yeah...thats why your so good-looking
SD: (thinking what the heck!! Blush) Thank you
G2: So can I use the internet
SD: sure..but are you staying here?
G2: No
SD: we charge 1KD for 20 mins
G2 1KD? (opens money and throws 1KD on the table)

Trainer L came back....7ada ashwa!!...damnnnn scarey :/

L: is there a problem sir?
G2: yeah we have alot of problems
SD: no no I didn't do anything :/


snookie said...

lool they were all flirting.. we3
maskeena.. :P

Amethyst said...

Lol! Aham shay G2!