05 January 2008

What to do?

Many times I tried to change myself just to try to fit into this society...over and over again...I realise there is no way I can please the people around me..when i'm friendly and treat everyone nicely..they say ana ga6a rooo7y 3alaiyhum...when I cast myself out of the crowd they say ana shayfa roo7y :P...hehe...I give up...I just have to do what pleases me...

Lately I've been feeling horrible my moods very bad...I need to move this negative energy away from me...

My first final is on the 10th...my 2nd and 3rd are on the same day the 17th...and my last one on the 19th of jan!

Then I will begin my new part-time job :D

Wish me luck;)


ZoN said...

dont even worry about what other ppl think of u.. that happened to me too, and i realized that ppl want others to do what they expect them to do, and if u didnt do it, u became the bad one!!!
Now i dont even give a S**T of what other ppl think of me, its my life and i want to live my way!!
so just keep this in mind "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. "

Good luck with exams, we start on the same day ;P
but u finish earlier than me!! ;(

Anonymous said...

good luck with every thing

N. said...

good luck o just be yourself, ra7 tet3eben if you wanna please everyone!

sweetd said...

Zon: thanks for ur sweet msg :D I will be myself more..I really stopped caring about pleasing others cuz most of them r never satisfied!:) awwww goodluck with ur exams too

Cat: Thank you:D

N.: inshallah i will...being a people pleaser sometimes sucks:P thanx :D

Keep coming guys;) u make this blog worthwhile

@ooy said...

GooD Luck ;)

sweetd said...

awwww :$ thanx hun

Kaos said...

LoL you actualy just figured it out this easily, good for you
oh GL