14 July 2008

French Disaster

I've been wanting to do a French manicure for agesss...for those who know me I'm usually too busy to care so much about these things...but since I have nothing better to do :P I'm turning into one of those girls who really think of nothing more than their appearance..so anyways...Today was the day..I planned it out..I would go do my nails in the saloon...I thought I'd head off to the place in 9aba7 ilsalim...I got there and the place was closed..so I thought they might be repairing something and went to the other branch near the city..what do you know it's also closed..it was already 8pm..I was sooo angry...then I saw this sign saying from the beginning of May the saloon will be closed on Sundays..please don't think I'm stupid but I don't read Arabic very well and missed the note in the other place..

I was determined to get a French manicure TODAY and I wanted it NOW..so I drove to busy Salmiya Centre point and brought the Bourjois French set

...It has this brush that is suppose to make this process easy...

WRONG I was trying and trying and after nearly 2 hours I had done three nails on one hand..:/ then I gave up and called my bro's wife who came home and did it in less than 5 mins :S...GOD...I respect all those women who are able to do these "simple" tasks just to make themselves look perfect...:/...I might be smart but I need time to learn to do these things...I feel stupid :/
P.S: for those who don't know I luv Eva which is why I used her pic :P she is so beautiful :D..


Ms Loala said...

Honey, come to me and i'll do you a complete make over :P

Bebe & Noonie said...

lool good ;)
my mom told me ina there is a french manicure but in black !
i wanna try it :p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Olaa 2 hrs!.. You dont even need a set, you just need clear and white nail varnish ;p

Marra el yaya, get some sticky tape, and use a little to tape over the part u dont wanna paint white on each nail.. 9bghay the part u want white, then sheelay el tape 3gb ma yanshf ;p Gd luck

sweetd said...

Ms Loala: thanks for the offer :D

Noonie: wooow in black thats funky tell me about it if u find it or do it :D

Abi: I tried the tape thing...didnt work too :P Thanks for the advice :D