26 July 2008

To commit or not to commit?

I spend alot of time alone

I don't feel like seeing anyone

I am numb inside

I am locked...

My family are worried i'll commit suicide...this is a warning :P


don_veto said...

If you are serious, go get help before it is too late.

KTDP said...

try not to . Please . It's not the best thing in the world.....


read this if your not convinced.

And try to get some help if you really have to.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats not good :S

sweetd said...

don Veto: im not :)

KTDP: thanks for caring :D Welcome to my blog

Dandoon: dont worry cutie :) im not serious

Thank you everyone for showing ur care ;)