30 July 2008

Social networking not so Taboo?

It still shocking to me the way things are changing in this country...It seems to be okay if you put ur pictures online and get to know strangers over the net...social networking 5 years ago, as I can remember, was seen as a bad thing..no one is suppose to get to meet people they chat with in cyber space..now with social networking sites to name a few like FACEBOOK, HI5, TAGGED and many more I am shocked to realise that this seems to be normal nowadays..and if you didn't use these programs there must be something wrong with you...from experiance in the past I believe there is a danger in diplaying too much information out there..alright I can understand that with Facebook you can control who you add...but there are places like Tagged where the unacceptable is showen...all I have to say about all this is...becareful what information you give out to the world you never know when it will haunt you in the future :)...
Another dedication from the one and only JORDIN SPARKS...I Luv HER!!


snookie said...

there is no danger when the people u add or accept are people that u know in real life. i am defending facebook because i am now in touch with people from school that i lost touch with after graduation. it's only the horn dogs and retards that add random people and allow them to see ur info and stuff. there is nothing wrong with staying close to ur friends. with facebook , it just happens to be over the internet. there strict privacy options and i only have my name can be seen publicly so that the people who know me personally can find me.

i don't think theres anything wrong with you.. im just surprised that YOU havent joined in :)

sweetd said...

:) i didnt say anything...im just telling you i dont need this to contact my loved ones..usually i do it over the fone :D thanks for the offer and never be surprised ;)...I like to be different :D