19 October 2008

Weekend home home!

This weekend I babysat and I didn't leave the house and yet I didn't finish all my homeworks...I have a whole novella to finish for tomorrow...which I still didn't start...ahhhhh Some books are not meant to be published cuz they are sooo useless :P and I'm not refering to the novella...

What to do other than continue reading...shakly mara7a anam ilyoum :P

My caffeine diet has ended..I officially need to start it again since the work load is unbelievable...still proud of myself though 2 months without caffeine (except in chocolate)..my head is spinning :D...woohooo...this is better than riding a roller coaster ride :P

It's about 3:10am and I have officially finished the NOVELLA!! AHHHH what an accomplishment..this is actually nothing compared to finishing 3 whole 19th C novels bil gha9ib and other weird utopian fiction stories:D it was EASYYYYY woohoo I started at around 9:15pm but kept taking breaks every 30 mins...7ada malal...the hardest part were the last 6 pages :/...but honestly the story kind of sucked...Can't wait till I know what the "butter" of it is tomorrow!! I deserve to be given a prize:P my eyes hurt though :/

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