11 October 2008

"Ignorance is Bliss"

Whats better:

1) Not knowing and being happy?
2) Knowing and being unhappy?


Princess Famme said...

It's a tricky question ..
I guess it depends on the personality .. if you want to know and accept reality for better or worse ..
or you rather not know and live the blind reality !!

Doesn't Play Well With Others said...

depends on the situation, etha its not gonna change anything if u know w its just gonna make u unhappy then ignorance is bliss ;p

Kay Knight said...

No.1 ... Totally!

aTooNa said...

lesh 3awar ras? if not knowing still means i can breath and live my life 3ayal i'd rather not know & be happy =)

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

mmm when i read the questions looks easy but choosing one is hard one ...so it depends on any situations

Nemo said...

i tried both in real life!!

i prefer not knowing at least i was happy ... but the WORST part is when you find out and know things ... here you wish that you had known things from the begining

so my answer would be => NOT KNOWNING bs forever
or KNOWNING bs mn awal shay :s

Ghadoor said...

depends on knowing what o not knowing what :p

Anonymous said...

No 1 if there comes a time!