31 October 2005

Has anyone else heard of Gtalk?

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*The new way to chat..Cud this be taking over Msn Messenger??..tell me what you think!*

Has anyone else seen this or downloaded it?...to the ones that dont know Google have made their own emails see this site: http://www.gmail.com

The catch is someone has to invite you here...(i mean someone that already has it!)...anyways i went on today to check the new features and i found this http://www.gmail.com/talk

Have u seen it? i just downloaded it quite fast...it looks cute and kinda nice ...so simple..but i bet its going to be soo different in a few months...anyways do you think this will take over the Msn chat?..do u think soon Google will takeover everything?..i wonder whats going to happen in the following years!....Enjoy

*To the ones that already have Gmail...d/l it maybe we can chat using Gtalk...*


LaiaLy_q8 said...

i heard of it bss i didn't know if anyone was using it so i didn't put it on my computer

Ich bin sehr gut!!! said...

me too....msn messenger o `39b...b3d GMAIL....even the name sucks!!!!!

MuSHiBa said...

I have gmail and i heard about it but i think i read somewhere that u need a US phone number to sing-up for gtalk. But that was when it first came out, maybe it is different now hehe

snookie said...

yes, google will take over world
but for now, i dont think gtalk will catch on pretty fast.. just like msn did.. it took a while before everyone moved from icq..
but in the usa, theyre using AIM, which i think is the most sucky IM program EVER.. so ugly looking too.. looks like windows 98.. eww..
anyway, does look cute.. i'll download it.. i hope they got a mac versian..

sweetd said...

yeah they have a mac verison! well u never knows personally i think google will take over but thats my own opinion so far thier mailing system is good cuz theres no spam and attaching things is very easy no need to worry cuz its not slow!thanx poeple for ur comments