27 October 2005

Just woke up..

Yest i was working on photoshop with one of Amy Lees pictures so i didnt sleep earily...almuhim!...it turned out nice but i wanna continue on it today and then ill show u what i came up with...im teaching myself how to use it:) its FUN!...and intresting....in a few secs the muslsal called "3adeel ilrooo7" which is my fave this ramadan....(u wudnt believe how long it took me to learn the name of it ...hehe,,,all i know is the names of actors in it!)....so ill head off and be back later!


Ich bin sehr gut!!! said...

a7la shay in the musalsal is when meshael zankawee says: AYY SHAYYYY!!!
Photoshop huh? I work on it sometimes:)

sweetd said...

loooooooool hehe everyone makes fun on how she says it soooo much hhhehe....yeah photoshop is fun!:)