21 October 2005

I wonder if ill be 50 tommorrw

Isn't it just amazing how the world is moving so fast....isnt it weird that yesterday you were like 14 years old and then the next day ur like 18!!...wooow time really flies by. I remember when u first attended school here in q8...then the days where i first came bk to q8....wooow...and the days i finshed high school and now im in uni!...tommorw ill be old oh noooooooooo...just kidding hehhe...with age comes maturity and wisdom cant wait till i get those:P...:)i wonder ifill be 50 tommorw


LaiaLy_q8 said...

i really just want to be 18 again i feel sOoo old :(

Ich bin sehr gut!!! said...

مشالله اللي يسمعكم يقول اعماركم مليون.... انا اللي صارلي مليون سنة بالجامعه(اخيرا راح اتخرج)...توكم صغار
نصيحة لكم اذا انتو بالخالديه(خاصة الزفت العلوم) لحقووووووووو على عمركم و حولوووووووو
ترا مو شرط الواحد يتغير تفكيره لما يكبر
ماسمعتو عن الطول طول نجله و العقل عقل صخلة؟؟؟؟ :)

William said...

I never attended school here in Kuwait. *cry*

sweetd said...

ماسمعتو عن الطول طول نجله و العقل عقل صخلة؟؟؟؟
Thanks for the comments ppl!...but i didnt get the last part of ur comment!...
anotehr point is yeah ive always felt old ever sincei turned 8 my mum has always made me feel like an adult...dont do this ur old now..lol...and again thankx ich ...about the adivise..ive tranefred cuz of that reason that college is impossible to pass without stress and getting annoyed...bas al7amduallah i just gotta repat one subject math and ill be done:)...bas 3ala fikra i like the building in khaldya better than in kaifan!
***dont worry will udidnt miss anything in kuwait schools..serioulsy i know my first year when i was back was the best after that things got worse..
thanx laily for ur comment...i miss being 16

Ich bin sehr gut!!! said...

oh damn it!!!!!
i just wrote a badliya....
it`s just my stupid sense of humor..u see this saying has really nothing to do with the subject...think of it as ligaafa:)
if u felt offended in some way than plz accept my apology:)