21 October 2005

Just woke up..

As soon as i wake up i always make a list of things in my mind that i wanna do for the rest of the day...heres what it looks like:

1)wash my car
2)watch a bit of tv and relax
3)do my hw's
4)study for each subject
i) Do a few chapters for math and answer quesitons
ii)read for literture, psycology(can never spell it right) and drama class
ii)copy up notes(math and other subjects)
5) be finished in time to be albe to go out later


This is what i do instead...
wake up...sit with my mum ...watch tv...think in my mindwhat i wanna do and dont get the chnace to dothem cuz by the time i get up to go to my room its time to eat:P...im lazy...bas mid tersm arent till about 1 month and i can only study so much each day!....


*pizzazz* said...

welcome to the club..

hehe i always end up not doing anything.. :P and end getting caught in a whirlpool of work!

my midterms are next week! and i haven't done a single thing!

God! its ramadan.. my mind doesn't function before fitoor.. :P~ and after fitoor it takes time to recognise that its digesting food!

in the end, i end up not being productive the whole month!

sweetd said...

hehe yeah its hard..didnt they chnage dates for midterms no midterms in ramsdan?