27 September 2007


One week has past!...another 15 or more to go :P

Is it me or garga3an is becoming more and more like a important hoilday?!...I mean...people actually make parties and celebrate it!!

Give me more sweets please :P


eshda3wa said...

it is important
and i LOVE it
inshalah this tradition Never goes away!

sweetd said...

inshallah :D

Ms Loala said...

I missed qarqai3an this year :(

But what the hell, the important thing is that i have enough candy sacks to open after fo6or :P

N. said...

I think the grown ups are missing out. hehe.

sweetd said...

ms loala: awww its ok...next year inshalah

N.: loooooooooooool oh u do :P...

sorry for late replies