16 September 2007


One of my worst habits is leaving my phone on silence...It has been "silent" for MONTHS now!...I can't stand having my phone ring...I hate how people stare when it does...and hearing peoples own ring tones make me BALLISTIC..it's not COOL anymore...:/....I was reading this article online talking about the "reason" hearing someone talk on the mobile is so annoying I quote :

"Turns out, ring tones are less annoying that one might think, increased volume of those talking on a cell phone has some bearing, but the main hypothosis (and it's juts a hypothsis, as the research does not seem to be there yet to support it) is that only being able to hear one side of a cell phone conversation may be the most annoying of all."

I just think that people should talk privately on the mobile and stop bothering US :P...unless its an emergency...Take a look around while your in the car...if u don't find at least 3 people talking on the phone while driving...your LUCKY!...What could be more dangerous!!!??


eshda3wa said...

noise pollution
bs as much as u want to, u cant make people shut up
part of living in the world!

N. said...

eh noise pollution!

Hmm, I'll take that into consideration. I don't talk for a long time on the phone, I don't enjoy it! O I know some garga ppl! Meshkela! :p

sweetd said...

eshda3wa: yeahhhh ahhhhh too many ppl :(

N.: :( I dont know how ppl enjoy it in PUBLIC!!

momo said...

its so wierd.. how after a while, its so true you DO tend to get used to ur phone beebing once and maybe tolerate it vibrating, but definately not ringing.. this so happened to be.. used to slient it during meetings and stuff, and today i tend to miss calls due to not realizing my cell went off when im in crowded areas or in public in general. this so pisses off my friends and family !

i had to come out with a new ringtone its a quite calm one which is simply guitar ! and very quiet ! so again im "blogging" while at work.. and i guess this aint ethical :D

sweetd said...

those i dont mind...the nice ringtones thats r calm...:D...:D welcome welcome ;)