01 September 2007


:D I'm impressed...did you guys realise I have actually blogged for a WHOLE year without stopping?...:D...this calls for a celebration...I promised myself I would keep up and not stop...This is an achievement...:D...

I would like to say...THANK YOU to all the readers out there who made blogging worthwhile :*...

Reasons why I love blogging:

1) I like the idea I can be myself and no one here is to jugde me..

2) I love hearing other peoples point of view

3) I realised I could learn alot about myself!

4) I like having a reason to log online

5) It help me meet alot of amazing people
The best best best thing is there are no RULES for blogging...you can write however you want...FREE EXPRESSION...! Makes a person feel FREEDOM...well for me..that is :P


Bojacob said...

Congratulations! :) Yeah, well, I'm not so sure if I can be very liberal in what I say though..

Lots of friends read my blog, and apparently it's discussed every dowania session.

*shiver* :(

pinkyia said...

Congratulations! =)

eshda3wa said...

happy blog birthday!!

sweetd said...

Bojacob: thank you :$..awwww...hehe means ur popular ;)

Pinkyia: thank you!

Eshda3wa: :D:D:D:D THANX!

N. said...

Mabrook! 3oqbaal many year celebrations :)

sweetd said...

aww thanx N.:)