12 March 2007

Double up with 44!!

MTC are selling new POST-PAID lines that begin with 44...This will be interesting.. i wish cud get one i wud!..Check it out: http://mtc-vodafone.com

New range of numbers

Double up your number with 44:

MTC is offering a special and new range of postpaid numbers that begin with 44, these numbers will be among our class of lines (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver).
Hurry and be among the few to own our unique range of lines.
Where can I get it?
These new range of numbers can be purchased through any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.
For more information call 107 or visit any of our MTC-Vodafone branches.

PS: no i dont WORK in MTC...i just thought it was interesting


3baid said...

It's going to take a while for me to get used to seeing 44 :P

The Criticizer said...

I'm not really concerned with new lines, I'm into MOC's upcoming strategy, adding #2 to all private & commercial numbers, #9 to all MTC numbers, and #6 to all Wataniya numbers.

When that happens my cell number will be MAaaaSsssssIiii!!!111one.. xD