29 March 2007

Dedication for the lovely ZiZO

ZiZo I came across this video...It's late but i had to post it for u! ENJOY! Umbay no matter what this will always remain to make us lauge...


ZiZoTiMe said...

Loooooooool 7ad el 3aba6 o el fa9la o a7la shy feh ely ga3ed e9awer o ohwa yeth7ak 7ada 3ajabny hehe

Ma e3refaw ya'6be6onha 3del chan e6la3at a7la wayed

Thanx for the dedication dear.. So sweet from u :)

Dr.Lost said...

lool... added you to my blogroll btw..

snookie said...

LOOOL hells yes! :D

that was awesome!!

boTaLaL said...

looooool,, sheno hal gor'aa!! 7adhom meyaneen

sweetd said...

Zizo: anytime;) glad u liked it

Dr Lost: thanx cutie:*

Snookie: hehehehe..

Botalal: eheh wayed wayed they r crazy

il9ara7a farts r always funny:P no matter how many times u hear them madry laish,,,,