18 March 2007

What is a Friend...

Each day passes and you meet someone
Can you really call them a friend*?

You step out in this world,
Hoping to find a sweet soul,
And Yet all you find is bitter people,
Who are out here to displease us,
Instead they push us down,
You struggle just trying to fit in,
You cry out for real help,
But deep inside you know
You've got no one by your side.

*A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

Do real friends exisit anymore?

This is a message to everyone who doesn't know me. Your words mean nothing to me, you are NOTHING to me, the only thing you do to me is make me stronger as each day passes. One day you'll realise you are a nobody, so get a life for a change and move on. I know myself more than you'll ever know me, thank GOD I made the choice to let go I never needed you, I need no one.


eshda3wa said...

true friends do exsist
u just have to keep looking
and have faith

Aurora said...

ouch D! shda3wa?!

Trust me there are real friends, like Eshda3wa said you just have to keep looking...
and remember friendship is a give and take thing...so be sure to do ur part and hopefully u'll find the right friends :)

and believe me, you're gonna need someone eventually :) good luck!

sweetd said...

eshda3wa: yeah ur lucky when u find ONE!

Aurora: i do my part perfectly:) thanx...and im starting to really see what friendship means to others... not everyone sacrifices;) once u see that u tend to not care as u used to;)

Thanx guys for ur comments!