25 March 2007

I Wish I Was A Guy...

I know this topic must sound weird, but some days i wake up wishing i was born a man...This ones for u Aurora
10 Reason why I wish I was a guy:

1) Men can make mistakes and it's okay because they are "men"

They do something wrong... they can say "I'm sorry I'm a man I cant help it"

2) Men don't have to go through labour pain woman go through (and other things that are painful)

Adding on to this point, the baby gets to be named after the fathers family!

3) Men who are ugly will end up married anyways because they r "men"

4) Men don't have to worry as much on their looks

5) Men get to wear cool Dishdashas and don't need to follow fashion ever. ( Which i find hot by the way;))

6) Men go where they want, anywhere they want, and at anytime and no one can ask them anything.

7) Men get higher salaries because they wouldn't need to take "maternity leave"..that's not fair we didn't choose to be "baby machines"!

8) Men can marry four woman, and woman get stuck with one boring one for the rest of their lives with no escape. ( we get BORED too:( )

9) Men are not stared at, instead they can stare!

10) Men get to have all these beautiful ladies out there;).. which includes me:P...okay that's awkward...

I couldn't think of a another point! Anyone wanna add something?:P

But one thing that I'm thankful that I'm a woman, is I can have my own man....and as everyone knows I LOVE MEN and everything about them.. so magdar I become a man myself.:P...


The Criticizer said...

Hehe.. let's break it down a little...

1. True, but that doesn't make them better.

3. كل ساقط له لاقط :P

5. Dishdasha has become more of a formal wear. And it does matter to some people which fabric this dishdasha's made of and where it was sewed... etc. :/

6. The best thing so far. ;P

7. Hehe .. But eventually men get to spend that extra salary on their women, no? :P

8. Marrying four women is oldschool, no girl would accept that nowadays unless she's doomed.

9. Correction, it works vice versa in some situations. ;P

10. Can have all beautiful ladies? When and where?! xD

NiQa said...

you can be a gay guy :)

eshda3wa said...

they can walk around topless
they dont have to wax their legs
or do their eye brows!

painless free life!

BLaSha said...

1- Define mistakes? I can't make alot of mistakes and get away from them?

2- Tha's why most men have no feelings at all, no pain, no gian.

3- I know a-not-so-good-looking gurl whoz happily married with 2 boys!

4- Also women don't have to! They jus want to! Jus like some men.

5- Women wear 3abaya, and to some men they are sexy.

6- Not true, all depends on yer family!

7- With a good education and little determination, you can make MORE money than any other man.

8- Thas why women are loyal, unlike men... Women have feelings and emotions, unlike men.

9- I dun get this point!

10- Says who?!

Watch a movie called Hard Candy and see what a young smart gurl could do to a real MAN!

Ms Loala said...

Eeeew why you wanna be man? i know with all the reasons you gave and stuff, but still!!! ..... nooo!
2- They're missing the joy of life, it's a blessing.
3- Alot of girls require a man to be handsome ;p
8- When they do, they're doomed ;p

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

LOL aham shay niqa!

and I second ms loala! :D

Aurora said...

Ok...I have no idea why this post is dedicated to me :P but thanks anyway :D

I do not believe in your theories whatsoever...
Call me a hopeless Romantic/Idealist, but boys and girls are both great! And no matter how much you say you dislike the other sex...you cant live without 'em!
True, that girls go through things that guys don't, but so it goes for the boys too....you don't know what they're going through!
So, I think we are a great balance...and I like it very much that I am a girl, and I say that with no disrespect to my comrades in life the boys ;)

Happy Wolf said...

Once in thier 30's men can stop worrying about combing hair every morning [like me]

tito84 said...

Nice list and all what you said is very true! So saddening is this seggregation (spelling?)

botalal said...

hahahahay,, 7mdulilah 3ala kil 7al... !
bs ana tawny 3araft lesh some banat gamaw ye9eron 9abyaak!!!!

sweetd said...

I should reply to everyone here:P umbay wayed ba6eee2a!!

1) i Suppose:P
3) mafahamt!!
5)it has..hasnt it..killa mathahir
6) no curfew i dont know the spelling!
7) not all of them...it depends!
8) still they can if they WANT!
9) what was 9:P
10) kint fa9la when i wrote this post.. i dont remember why i wrote that one:P.. i think i ment we r all pretty woman:P

niqa: ewwwy...hehe

Eshda3wa: i know:( bs then again we look much cleaner sometimes..hehe i mean pretty thats a nice point though

1) ya3ny its easy for guys to say "ilrayal eesheel 3aiba" when they do something

2) whats 2:P remind me!

3)its luck

4) whats this one again?

5)i dont think they r to them!

6) but the majority...

7) u have to work TWICE as hard..

8) hmm i agree

9)i forgot again what i put here

10)hehe madry

i will try watch it

Ms Loala:
2) hehe the painnnn
3) only lucky ones get them:P
8) i suppose some:P

L's Brain: hehe yeah i know:P

Aurora: hehe its ok:P
You go girl;) hehe

Happy wolf : 7arammm

tito84: thanx..... its ok about spelling:) hehe i know its sad

Botalal: yeah see....its obvious now

Thanx everyone for ur comments!
hehe i certianly love being a woman... but sometimes i just "wish" it doesnt mean it can come true obviously!!(for the ones who really know me:P)