20 March 2007


This week passed really fast, it's already going to be the weekend...

I have exactly 10 books I want to read and no time. Tomorrow I have another quiz, wish me luck, i guess it's not so difficult. I have some reading to do and I'm doing my homework before it's late, so I don't fall behind.

I know this post is very boring, but I'm bored.

I've gained this habit of coming home and sleeping, because I can't seem to concentrate when I study. This has made me lazier, and I still feel like I want more SLEEP. What's ironic is the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep! It's strange, is it possible to have COMPLETE sleep? Has anyone ever woke up and felt, "Yes, today I have slept the perfect amount of time and I don't feel like i need more"?

P.s: Isn't that picture CUTE!... I don't really like animals but I find this picture adorable.


UPDATED: I just wanted to add one of the books im DYING to start reading!...Finally, I found a cover I liked:P.. The first time I found it in Starbooks, I didn't like the cover, so i decided to wait and so then i saw this in another book store and RUSHED to get it.

LOOK!-----> thats the cover that I didn't like! What do you think?
Yallah zainnnnnnnnn that's not possible anymore:P


3baid said...

"This week passed really fast"

You can say that again :/

"Isn't that picture CUTE!"

Ofcourse; there's a kitty in it!

sweetd said...

hehe yeah! hehe VERY! glad u liked the picture:)

BLaSha said...

i'm crazy bout cats, I can't stop loving them... I usta have this lil tiny kitten that use to hug a lil teddy bear, well, not really :P she usta bite his head, but when she sleeps I'd place it in her arms :)

Ms Loala said...

It's nothing compared to me. I get outta the house early in the morning and never return until 8 pm. It sucks =\
Thank god it's weekend, both you and i can get a hell lot of sleep :p

sweetd said...

blasha: awww... hehe ur a big fan of cats thats great! lool cute kitty:P shes not getting near my teddys

Ms Loala: allah 3eeenich..ooo ya36eeech il 3afya..i used to have classes like that when i was in my last college.. comng home at 10pm is difficult! hehe yeah sleep takes away everything

Have a great weekend everyone and thanx for commenting

Aurora said...

This week did pass by like a "porcelain Honda!!!" LOL!
Anyway..i've been craving sleep lately too, although I do get plenty of it...its just one of those things I guess....
But there have been days I woke up and said.."WOW! That was a great night's sleep! Can't wait to start my day!!!" :P

The pic of the cat is CUTE

Aurora said...

Oh yeah, and about the book...I think I know a movie by that name..

And both covers suck.. !

Anonymous said...

Do Judge books by their covers ;P

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever woke up and felt, "Yes, today I have slept the perfect amount of time and I don't feel like i need more"?

Only once or twice though ;P
Bas put ur hopes up!
Cuz it Happenssss

sweetd said...

Aurora: glad u like the pic...shaksawey there r better covers:P hehe i saw one online its red and all... the movie its the oe with Will Smith..thats how i knew the book..cuz he mentions it on there...chinna its like 6 Degrees..there is another one too..it might be with Mel gibson "conspricy theory" i think will julia roberts if im not mistaken...

Fayroora: hehe inshallah but i personally cant help it having nice covers makes u want to pic up the book! come on u must have felt that before?? hehe inshalah maybe i will one day!:)

Thanks guys for ur comments;)