12 June 2007

Ticking Torture All the Way

Today I got my first metronome..It's so cuteeeeee..I'm so going to use it to annoy my family!!..It's very NOISEY!!! My new torture MACHINE MUHAHAHAHAAA!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, and it's called torture by the way =)

Vinnie said...

OMG talk about missuse of technology
don't annoy your family, force them to keep a beat tho.. make sure they listen to the metronome and do an activity on time w/ the ticks ;p

Ms Loala said...

What's that?

And you're tagged ;)

shoosha said...

LOL laish 3ad metronome? u play an instrument? my bro's broke mine min kither ma it was noisy :P faa take care

sweetd said...

Anonymous: thanx

Vinnie: hehe yeah ;) looooooooool nice one :P

Ms Loala: It's a device that keeps u playing a piece of music in the right rhythm and speed..and ok ill check about the tagging...

Shoosha: hehe i play piano...:P yeah its very delicate!