01 June 2007

Something I learned just Today!


Pour Adeline


Anonymous said...

Simply, Excellent!

Nomad said...

awwww i love this tune, it reminds me of my childhood... the recording quality is low but it still shows how good you play ;p
girl you got talent ;p
now we demand that you make a better quality recording so i can put it in my playlist ;p
but i guess i can wait till ur exams are done ^^;

EniGma said...

waaaaay ya ba3ad 3omry this almost brought tears to my eyes :")
I love it, it's one of the first pieces I ever learnt. Madri laish finals time is the best time to play a piece u have been wanting to play!! hehehehe
Can't wait to hear the rest


3baid said...

*claps* :)

N. said...

Bravo! Encore! :D

sweetd said...

M: Thank YOU!!! :)

Nomad: yeah the quailty sucks..dont worry im planning to get a stuido piano so i can make better quailty and show u my own compostions;)...thanx..hehe yeah:P exam time everything seems easier:P

Enigma: hehe awww :$:$:$ thanx hun hehe exams:P they make us psychologically weird:P

3baid: thank you cutie!!:) :$

N.: awww :$:$:$ thank you thank you!!

Guys im sorry about the quailty i just had to share it with you guys!!


Nomad said...

lol no need to be sorry i really enjoyed it ;p but i still demand a better version for my playlist ;p