22 June 2007

How to go "gizzing"?

The other night I was surfing online about "how to put makeup on" and I stumbled across this fascinating web site. It was about 3am and I literally couldn't stop READING!...You can find all the solutions to many things. I've written my own articles, so not keeping you waiting any longer click below ;) and have fun reading...:)

If you want to check out my articles here they are:


Peony said...

loving the "gizzing" article !! lool well defined !!

N. said...

lol! Excellent job!

The Criticizer said...

lol! Very well defined. Good job. Now all people around the world can start gizzing. :D

Navy Girl said...

So true ! I love it !! :D

Oh and the site is really cool .. I like it .. thanks ;)

Nomad said...

wee gaz :p

Vinnie said...

Good definition
it was the pg13 version wasn't it?
who will post the adult version?

sweetd said...

Peony: Thanx :D hehe im glad u liked it !!

N.: heeh thank you

The crit: :P hehe yeah they will...

Navy girl: hehehehe yeayyy im so happy u did!...ur welcome ;)

Nomad: hehe wanasaa 9a7:P

Vinnie: :P wallah ma adry!..someone care to do it??..Im an angel so i wudnt know how else gaz works!..;)