09 June 2007

Contraindications of Over Studying

I noticed studying had some bad effects on me.

1) I got no sleep.
2) I stopped eating properly.
3) I started talking out loud to myself in different accents *(mostly in Indian).
4) I bumped into things, which kind of hurts.
5) I stuttered a lot, the words come out totally wrong.
6) I couldn't concentrate.
7) I kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes, as if there was a bomb to go off any second :P .

Amazingly..I managed to survive...:P


* My sister asked me...who I was talking to...she was freaked out...I said "myself of course"...ib kil thiqa ba3ad :P....

I love these colours...like my "Rainbow of Thoughts"


Purgatory said...

You still suffer from these symptoms ?

Peony said...

ooh.. so thats whats going on with me? ya3ni its normal ?? ashwa, i was about to go see a psych about this ;p

Nomad said...

lol alot of those happen to me even when i'm not studying ;p
and gratz on finishing you exams i hope you aced all of them ;p
now go and have yourself a nice quiet week in the the shaleh just you the sea and a few good friends ;p its quite refreshing ;p

sweetd said...

purgatory: hehe yeah like it takes me time to eat...stil i talk funnny

Peony: eheehe cutee yeah dont worry STRESS has its disadvantages!

Nomad: hehheheeeee loooooooool wihtout studying?? hehe...i got my grades they were great..:)..yeah:( i dont feel like im on hoilday..!

Vinnie said...

Graaats wooot woot
*fireworks and various party/celebration noises*
Enjoy ur holiday Sweet D it is a break and u've earned it

sweetd said...

Vinnie: awww :$:$:$:$ thanx sweetie!!:) ehhe