18 June 2007

First meeting

Tommorrow is the first meeting for my summer job...



The meeting was GREAT! The people introduced us to the place..and how things work...we got a TOUR!..woooweeey..I'm so excited about starting this job..in which i will reveal later
:{) Looks like he has a mustache!...anyways..!!...yeah It's no big deal:P..hehe!:) yeayyyyyyy :> lets hope i dont get told off :P

* I used these colours to make it seem more formal:P...and important:P aham shay adry!:)


N. said...

That's cool mabrook! What are you working as?

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Goodu Lucku!

eshda3wa said...

hope it goes well!!


sweetd said...

N.: THANK YOU:) In my next post i will reveal;)

Drunk'n'gorgeous: Thanx hun
and welcome to my BLOG!:)

Eshda3wa: thanx cutie!:)

I will inform u about what happenede;) inshallah soon when i get the comp:P

The Simper said...

congrat-naion ;) and wish u lots and tons of luck and little joy with it to kep u going at that job of urs ;)

Vinnie said...

LooooL @ the font color
seriousely aham shay
Graats C-Honey tistahlein
I just checked ur performance btw... I couldn't believe it u r so good w/ the piano
do u have a clip where u sing?

sweetd said...

The simper: thanx :$

Vinnie: thank you :$:$:$:$...hehe..yeah the colour thingy was a joke:P...i dont have...inshallah soon ill add one!...thanx again!!

Nomad said...

gratz sweetie wish you the best of luck
and you know if for whatever reason it doesn't work out i'm having a summer special discount on my mace rentals :p

shoosha said...

wanaaasa!!! hope you get it ;) goodluck sweetie

Ms Loala said...

Congratulations :P
Come on, tell us wherrrre?

Hitman1 said...

Glad it went okay for you.... good luck in your career :)

sweetd said...

Nomad: Thanx hun:) wat is ur mace rentals???...:$

Shoosha: :D i got it!! bs it was the first meeting telling us what we shud do and dont do:P

Ms Loala: I will reveal soon babe;) and thankssssss wayed:)

Hitmat1: thank you :) and welcome to my blog!

Navy Girl said...

Good for you girl !! wish you all the best ; )

sweetd said...

awww thanx honey!:)

The Criticizer said...

Mabrouk! Wishing you all the best. :D