18 September 2008


Tommorrow is the first day that we add an extra number in front of our numbers :/ Goodluck guys :P remember all Wataniya numbers begin with 6 :P I think for Zain it's a 9...I'm not sure when they will begin but every person with Wataniya begins tommorrow :P

update: yallah guys you ALL have to change ur numbers check now it is such a weird change :P


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

ayshy!! madre wain allah ga6ni ,madre shsalfa bs m not w6aniya member

MeeMzZ said...

eeeee waiiiiiiii3 bidal 7 numbers i9eer 8 numbers ana yalllllla a7fi'9 7 numbers al7een yaboon a7fi'6 8 numbers!!;p

MeeMzZ said...
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