06 September 2008

I wish upon a st*r...

Graduate and continue my studies.
Own my own studio to record my compositions.
Marry someone who will support and love me.
Always be healthy and in good shape.
Make a name for myself in this world.


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

nice wishing star girl

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

inshalla ur gonna get it all :D

Aurous said...

inshalla you'll be able to get all your wishes, and even more :)

aTooNa said...

inshallah they'll all happen. ameeeeeen!

u compose? kool! i wana seee!

(o btw, u already made a name 4 urself in the blogging world, so ur half way there ;p)

Loolykinns said...

no chocolate wishes? thats a big no no!!

sweetd said...

Pella: thanx cutie!:D

Ghadoor: thank you :D:D:D inshallah Allah yisma3 minich.

Aurous: thank you wayeddddddd :D

Atoona: Inshallah I will put something on soon for u ;)

:$ awww and thanks for saying I am something in this blogging world :D without u guys i wudnt be;) so THANK YOU :D

Loolykinns: hehe noo me don't like chocolates :P