27 September 2008

Stoneage Internet

Yo people!

It's been a really long time!! First thing I have to say I'm using the "dial up" so I wont be replying to your comments now :P it's toooo slowwwwww...I'm just going to say :P I think that these musalsalat are a waste of time and sooooo depressing :D this is a Holy month there should be more positive messages going out to our public and people....we already have enough drama in our lives...:P Second of all, I'm sorry I havent been here cuz as u have noticed our internet is down due to the crappy land lines of Salwa :D...Third thing now is that I've beeeeen sick the whole day and didn't sleep properly at all :/ damn I've been dizzy the whole day I'm thinking there is something wrong with me...

Only 7 days left till university begins..I'm soooooooooo EXCITED...

Things I've been doing the past few days I haven't been posting:
1) Shopping
2) Shopping
3)Shopping :D
4) Hunting *

I found the SEXIEST pairs of jeans everrrrrrrrrrr :D I couldn't just buy one pair..If I had the money I'd buy them all...I am luving the River Island jeans collection....

* I'll post about this later :D maybe tomorrow..seriously can't now my head is tooo mixed up :D


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

aaaah dial up sucks eyeeb el a39ab:P

slamat ma chofeen shar enshalla

yea cant wait for uni too:D oh god im a fan of river island :D

Princess Famme said...

Finaly some shops have decent itmes ;p u go girl :)