27 September 2008

Hunting Spree!

Yesterday, as I have told you in my previous post, I went shopping in Avenues to exchange something...I passed inside Topshop to see their jeans (which aren't that great cuz killa straight cut) Anyways, there was this woman passing out these fliers saying "Treasure Hunt", so me and my friend were curious and asked her what was going on...she says you can win coupons to buy things for free from the store, the trick is that they are hidden around the shop...then I told my bestfriend we would go finish my shopping and come back to play...It's not one of those difficult games where you need clues...it's pure luck :P and using your good eye sight..as soon as we came back all I said was "I think it's on this mannequin but Im too shy to touch it" she went and grabbed the paper :P it was "10kd free of jewelry" then I looked around and found the "10kd free lingerie" which disappointed me cuz I don't want that :P we kept searching and found the "50kd buy anything from the store"...then later found a "10kd buy any top"..we were both LAUGHING soo hard cuz it was fun! The places they chose were soo ridiculous...the downside was when we came to get the stuff they only let us have 1 coupon each so we took the 50kd and 10kd for any top...we didn't even argue, although we asked about the rules and they didn't have any!!...The staff were so impressed that we found most of them :P....I told the manager we will come tomorrow and he said it was okay...I knew he didn't mean it...

The next day I took my sister with me...the manager came rushing and I asked him can we start...he's like "wheres your family member" I told him my sister is with me :P shoofoy shino he's checking ...then I went and grabbed the first coupon which was for the jewelery...I told him keep it and he snatched it from me..then we found a 2nd one and he took it from me..and kept following me telling me 5ala9 go home with this..I told him no I want to find them all :P na7asa I was having fun..then we found a 3rd one and he took it from me again!! Then my sister found the 4th one I told her to keep it with her...and we searched for a LONGGGG time...he kept saying 5ala9..I discovered and noticed he removed them all so we couldn't find them anymore.. such an &*$&*$& ilmuhim I had sooo much fun :P wedy aroo7 marathanya bs 3alashan anrfizaaa..the staff 7ifthoony and were watching me...9ij 9ij wedy akhith everyone with me 3alashan they think twice before messing with us :D

It's a shame no one else was bothering and had no idea what was going on cuz it was fun...bs roo7oy say "we were sent by the crazy gurls who found all the cards" LOOOOOOL just kidding it's over by now..

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