30 August 2010

Ramadan Rants!

I don't know why people keep complaining about the Ramadan TV Shows and making fun..Chill..If you don't like it DON'T WATCH IT! It's meant to be entertaining and not causing this much trouble...Being a director and working in the theatre and writing my own scripts and watching my actors go through one rehearsal after the other I have come to appreaciate these things...especially because of the stress and pressure and thats  a performance for one day..Do you know how many people are behind these shows? Do you realise that it takes TIME and EFFORT? Give them a break and stop nagging and making fun...I know sometimes the plot seems to not make sense but it's TV...since when does anything have to make sense with the world we live in? If you think you can do a better job...go ahead...prove what you try to prove with your words...otherwise be greatful that these people spend hours of their time preparing these shows for us to watch it back and relax on our lazy asses..Am I wrong to say all this??? Sometimes I feel people are so arrogant and just love to complain about others thinking they are much better..

I have to mention that this years shows are great! I really feel that next year Kuwait's series will be even better..well I hope!

The acting is improving...the plots are getting more interesting...the make up is becoming more realistic...the sets are different...the music is amazing...the characters are so LOVEABLE! Need more to say?

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