31 August 2010



Vainglorious said...

il 3arab ya 7ebhm litaqleeeeed, mako shay esma creativity la o a5er shay 3igob manboog il afkar o engool hatheela kuffar wal 3eyath billah mayseer net3amal ma3ahm

Another-Penelope said...

LoooL mn metaaa :O

M7md Ghazi said...

oh Arabs Arabs Arabs ... they never change :P
at least they could change the colors not using the same as facebook ~
stupid idea from bunch of losers !
thnx for sharing anyways ;P

sweetd said...

Vainglorious: b3d shinsawee hehe people r too lazy to use their brains :D

Another-Penelope: I don't know :D hehe I saw this yesterday so I shared :P

M7md Ghazi: :D It's normal hehe :D glad to share ;)