22 August 2010

Don't get me wrong...

But why is "making fun of people" done so often in our Arab culture?
I can't stand it when people "yi6anazoon"..I think it's the lowest form of making people laugh...I don't want to say that it happens only in Kuwait because I don't want to point fingers...I've noticed living here for a couple of years that it's an actual activity for people to "yithqa6ooon"...This irritates me so much! Again I know this happens all over the world...but I find it here abit more often...ya3ny laish!

Oooo Laish il racisim il zayed? I hate it when someone refers to someone as "ilhindy" or "ilma9ry"...
Aby a3rf mita hal ashya2 titghayar 3andina :(


weiss said...

unfortunately for some unknown reason to me most people in Kuwait think they are superior to others and want/need to feel that way so they laugh and derogate people, whats really sad is that the media glorifies it under the name of "art" in theaters and tv shows .

nice blog btw ^^

Summer said...

are u kuwaiti?
Cuz you said that you've been "living here for a couple of years" !

because if you're not.. its something you have to get used to! people try stopping it but its no use

sweetd said...

Weiss: I guess that's the problem..I don't know why it makes people feel good..a7is these people feehum nag9 :S
and thanx :D ur welcome here anytime;)

Summer: I used to live abroad for a couple of years then moved back here..when i was a child I felt Kuwait was a wonderful place..but ever since I came back again the changes r rapid and things have become worse...:S I still luv Kuwait..I just wish things wud be better! I don't think I can ever get used to it!

Basees said...

There is a fine line between racism, agism, elitism, jigoism .. and all those nasty beliefs and pracitices on the one hand, and freedom of expression on the other. While the first should be combated, the second must be preserved.