30 August 2010

PART 3 - The Top Worst Feelings in the World


Since I have very good caramentators who have kindly helped me with the list I will add their lists :D Thanks Tiesto and Faroo7a ;)


103) someone takes a good parking space when your waiting 45mins for one.

104) Going to work in a panic and realising its a friday.

105) waking up late for work and early in weekends.

106) someone eats your cheese cake, that you wanted to save for another time.

107) Lending people money and expecting them to pay you back.

108) catching a fish and when realing it you notice it was a large stone cought in a back.

109) finding your car skratched from the side after leaving the shopping mall.

110) going home after leaving the dewania!

111) high latency when playing online due to family members doing important work (like youtubing, facebooking and this!)


112) buying something and find out the next day it was on sale.

113) Copy cats

114) working hard at work and getting no recognition or appreciation

115) people constantly telling you that ur kid doesn't look like you! Ok I get it, no need to keep saying it.

116) working so hard in making a special dish for your husband and he comes home tired and stressed and tells u he' s lost his appetite

117) Making someone feel so special by remembering their birthday and thinking of the perfect gift for them, but they totally forget yours and don't even send u a birthday MSG!

118) buying expensive makeup from vavavoom and finding out u missed out on the free gift from the ditzy sales woman!

119) introducing friends to each other and then they meet up with each other without me and leave me out

120) friends who use u coz ur good to them but when u need them they ignore u

121) crying baby that won't shut up

122) applying for jobs everywhere and not getting a good offer

I have one more I just thought of:

123) Getting tongue getting burned from drinking a hot drink :P

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