31 August 2010

Blogger Stats! FINALLY!!

FINALLY!! Blogspot has added and shows the stats for the blogs yeayyyyyyyyyyy :D
It must be new..or is it only new to me :D

Update: Oh just checked! This is new and was added on 30th of AUGUST!! I've been waiting for this day forever! Now I don't have to change my blog to wordpress or anything else just yet :D yeayyyyyyyyyyy :D


MacaholiQ8 said...

I've been using Statcounter for 4 years now and it's amazing but it's better to have a built in stat monitor within blogger. Thanks for the heads up.

sweetd said...

I was searching for one but didn't know how to do it and wanted one built in..I was struggling with trying to figure out how I can keep up with the info..:D Now it makes it easier..I've tried it out so far and it's really good :D Now I can understand my blog traffic more :D
and your more than welcome :D

M7md Ghazi said...

I didn't know that :D
great <3 <3 ..
thanks for sharing , I think blogger is the best :D

Aurous said...

That's great news!
thanks for sharing :D

sweetd said...

MG: I do too :D and ur welcome

Aurous: :D ur welcome isnt it the best ;)