23 August 2010

Garga3an ooo garga3an!

3ad as a Kid that's all I know of the song...so when we went to "ingargi3" this evil woman refused to give us candy if we didn't continue the song :P damnn ya3ny why the torture!

Why did the kids in our neighbourhood start to "egargi3own" yesterday?


M7md Ghazi said...

happy gerge3an :P
and yea tell my about those women loool ,,

Hope said...

lol wayed t9eer marra 6ale3aw roo7na o e7na ngarge3 maShallah yaboon n'3ani b2sami el.3yal kelhom
bs it was fun

sweetd said...

MG: :D hehe u tell me about it :P 3ad 7aram yahil..:P 9a3ba ilghneeya lail7een i dont know it :P

Hope: hehe it was fun..especially afterwards when we check the sweets and stuff yummy!