20 August 2010

Ramadan Potato...Ramadan RambleS

My day starts at 3pm...I sit infront of the couch and watch 6 different shows...ya3ny musalsalat ramathaneeyaaaaaaaa....Sad as this may sound :P sometimes I watch the reruns...Mashallah 10 days have passed like this..I haven't let the house since ramadan started...seriously I don't like busy streets...ooo I guess I'm lazy :D... so

3:00pm I wake up
3:35pm I watch "Umayma fe dar il aytam" (alrai)
4:35 pm missing the first half of zuwart khamees (which I watch later at 11pm) on Watan TV
5:00pm RANDOM but "3irsan bil firin" 3ala Fatafeat (il7ayaaaaaa 7ilwa)
6:00pm Fatafeat and usually Martha Stuart if on...

Crazy as this seems but I don;t cook but I luv watching Fatafeat when I'm fasting..and my bro finds it irritating cuz it makes him hungry...ya3ny shagoool! Anyways it's fun :D

Then it's iftar...I eat soup...samboosa...and sometimes real food...

Then after that I tune to Watan Tv and watch "Sahir ilail" and "2neen"

If I had to rate this years shows I would say:
1) Sahir il layl- I like the setting and music
2) Zuwarat Khamees (madry laish I call it "Yam3at khamees" :P) Editing and idea is kind of new
3) Umayma- The characterization is great
4) 2neen- I hate that father :/ I like the acting

Oh and I like watching Shoojy too...:P 6ab3an 3ala Fnoon :D It's amazing how successful her show is...and woow the number of fans...

What's everyone else upto?

I'm guessing no one will even bother replying :P


Summer said...

Loooool!! why do you think that no one would reply??
I WATCH all the shows you mentioned except the cooking show and aneen!! but this year the shows are really nice!! and I barely do anything all day!!

sweetd said...

hehe it's cuz most readers r silent and don't usually comment on my posts :P they r rather boring and meaningless and I was blabbing :$ hehe the cooking show is funny :P ooo mathayi3at wakt...yeah they r nicer...I like the ones written by woman :P hehe