06 September 2010



The fact that we can't control how and when they are triggered..don't get me wrong...I mean the bad one's that you spend the rest of your life trying to "get over"...even sometimes when your remencing and remember good times you still get this ache in your heart...

Why can't we control our minds?
What triggers a thought?

If we don't think of them when we are awake...we are haunted in our dreams. It's like they are implanted in our subconcious. It's not the good memories that we hate though it's those bad ones, the ones that make us wish that we weren't ever born.

I wish we could delete the memories we don't want.



LorD AymZ said...

but dont the bad memories often lead to good ones? you fall down and hurt yourself- bad, a loved one helps you back up - good.

life is a kaleidoscope of events, some good, some bad. not to be seen on a single level, enjoy the whole picture :)

sweetd said...

yeah I guess..it's just a random thought of mine :D

LorD AymZ said...

tis a lovely thought none-the-less, and one i am plagued with as well. how often do i wish to merely format some of my memory, i remember alot, and some times, it all comes back at the most inopportune times, to haunt you.

if you ever figure out how to do it, do let me know

Vainglorious said...

I agree with LorD AymZ, we learn from our bad thoughts and its healthy to have them but never let them consume us

Sumaiah said...

I wish that we all had goldfish memories. wouldn't that be fun!:p

sweetd said...

LA: thanx and inshallah when i know and find out ull be the first i tell :D ana khal at3alam ishloon asawee my laptop format!

sweetd said...

VG: yeah we do :D

Sumaiah: yes...but it wud suck cuz then we wudnt know our names or maybe even talk :P chithy dummies