06 September 2010

Guess Who: Game Rules!

So I've decided that every once in a while I will add a post with the title "Guess Who". This is a game where YOU have to guess who the person is. It can come in many different ways and forms too. I will eventually find other games too so you will never get bored. Of course there will be a PRIZE but due to the circumtansces we are in, it can only be something VIRTUAL, but that doesn't mean it's something bad ;). You are welcome to share your own ideas too, therefore don't forget to do so! There will be a whole page dedicated to these posts on the right (I wrote left then I realised it's right) and your name as a winner will be mentioned. More than this what do you want??!!

GOODLUCK...ENJOY...and let the games BEGIN!!!

I will announce the winner for the first game.

oh I forgot to add the rules:

1) The first person who answers is the winner ( the right one, don't think that just because you were the first to comment you win :P) and the person has to be a registered blogger or at least provide me their email (send me an email with name and answer. You can find my email in the CONTACT ME page) Remeber you have to mention their FULL NAME not their CHARACTERS NAME!

2) I will need time to figure out "vitual gifts" but for now you can only win once, so don't let the others win. If you have the right answer DON'T SAY. Maybe I will cancel the post (What?? I'm only being fair :$).

3) For those who already won, what you can do though is help with CLUES! I don't want to push you out of the game of course :D. You can also trick the people ;).

4) No cheating is allowed or any kind of rudeness, even though I know that all of you are "mu7tarameeeen" (respectful) :P

5) You can help me choose the post and your name WILL be ACKNOWLEDGED.

6) Anything and anyone can be used for the game. What I mean is, it can involve anyone in the world, so be prepared. But that doesn't mean I will put someones family member or some weird chick you found online. There are limits!

7) If it gets too difficult or not one answers, I will find something else instead.

8) If the game doesn't succeed at all, I will change the type of game.

9) I've done this for your pleasure and I hope your enjoy it :D

10) Goodluck!

Yallah GO!

P.S: Wait for the person who will be mentioned as the FIRST winner.

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