10 September 2010

The Other NBK Eid Ad. 2010 - دعايه البنك الوطني نبي عيديه

Everyone kept telling me to watch this...I didn't actually like it...what about you guys? I like the original advert but my sister made a good observation. This isn't actually good for children because it encourages them to be materialistic and wanting money in a disrespectful way. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the kids' dancing! They look like fun kids and the dresses the girls were wearing were really pretty.

Anyways, what do you guys think of this "other NBK ad"?


UPDATE: Another cute version.

CUTE! I luv it when kid's dance, but what's up the the white thing on their hands?

Enjoy again :D


Aurous said...

kids are kids.. they can be a little materialistic..
I love the ad.. the cutest thing ever ;p

Summer said...

LOOOOOOL!! I loved the first one!! the second one is cute too!

Jacqui said...

The white thing on their hand is becacuse the girls probably just had henna put on their hands and in the old days our grandmothers used to wrap our hands in socks or cloth bags just so we don't mess it up :)

But loves it this ad is amazing :D

sweetd said...

Aurous: :D yeah kids r...:D

Summer: it's funny cuz they r old shabab :P

Jacqui: Ahaaaaa I wouldn't have known that! Thanx for the information and thats really cute...hehe looks like they were preparing for Eid :D