03 September 2010

Skype Unblocked in Kuwait!

After wrting my previous post about Google Phone. I checked the Skype site and found out that it's unblocked again for us to download! Thats GREAT news because it has been a few months since they blocked the site! I used to use it before when it first came out. Then I changed my laptop and I tried to download it again, but it wouldn't let me. The site had been blocked and I don't really know the reason why. The only thing I heard was that it was causing problems for phone companies, since the calling rates were lower than the ones in our own country. I love Skype because it's clear and you can meet people from around the world with one phone call.

I'm SO excited....Don't be afraid to Skype me at "Ch0ney" again;)


LorD AymZ said...

even if it were blocked, u can always download it, and you can always pay. life is good, yes?

sweetd said...

i tried once and it failed!! what do u mean pay??