02 September 2010

Top 5 Ways to Get Married in Kuwait.

 1. Accept the marriage proposal of first man that "knocks on your door", which everyone thinks is a perfect match for you.
2. Find a man who will fall in love with you and preferbly has never dated anyone before you. This way he will not be able to compare you to anyone else. Thus you will have full control.. Remeber don't give up too much to the man, once you do, he will get used to you and will never think of you as a prize.

3. Meeting a divorced man who has done it before, so the second time won't be such a big deal.

4. Get to know a unhappyily married man and make his world shine! This one's the lowest form but finding this man and making him happy might eventually make you happy :D.

5. Or don't! Refuse to get married and be looked down on by society and people. What the heck we only live once is it worth giving up the freedom? (this one of course doesn't count).

I think these are the only ways people get married in Kuwait. Unless there are new options :D


Purgatory said...

And which one are you going with?

Purgatory said...

And which one are you going with?

sweetd said...

so far the 5th one :D hehe

Vainglorious said...

Lol stay single and happy!! ;)

Sumaiah said...

I'll go with number 5 too, that's my happily ever after:D

sweetd said...

hehe we shud make a cult :P