02 September 2010

Sleepless in Kuwait

I'm practically stuck to my laptop and everytime I try lie down, I start thinking and worrying, then my sleep "flies away"...Ramadan has turned my day into night and my night into day!

I discovered that when you send emails to people abroad (I mean companies and official places) they actually reply...I've been living in the Arab world for so long that I forgot that there is a functioning world out there! I'm so used to being given bad service and being ignored!

*P.S: I really like this book cover :D and my eyes look like this :

Except they are brown and a bit less red :S I should sleep...


Vainglorious said...

We're all sleepless! There should be an official sleepless club that holds nightly activities to entertain the poor wide awake souls like ourselves ;p

sweetd said...

what a great idea :D