05 September 2010

Zain's Eid Ad.- A True Musical Ear Worm

Sleepless and this song is stuck in my head...kila minkum Zain...your songs are evil! :( It's annoying and now I like it :/ Why!!! It's a CURSED song!! Becareful..


Mohammad said...

its not annoying at all ... i like it

Summer said...

I like it!! it reminds me of qa6oora!!

Vainglorious said...

Summer, I hate qa6oora!

this one is nice I actually enjoyed it ;p

sweetd said...

Moh'd: hehe yeah im getting to like it..

Summer: thats why i didnt like it in the beginning..cuz I didn't like qa6oora..

VG: hehe this one is enjoyable!!