02 September 2010

Zain, Wataniya or Viva

 Which company do YOU prefer?

From my own experiance Wataniya has the best service. Lately Zain's services started to suck and Viva...well it's Viva what do you expect! Bad service all the way!


Vainglorious said...

I've tried them all..

Zain bawageeeeeen
Wataniya so far so good

Fawaz said...

سؤالي هو متى اخر مره قمت بتجربة خطوط فيفا سواء الانترنت او الخط العادي
ربما كلامك صحيح عن الفترة الاولى من انطلاقة الشركة اي من شهر ١٢ ٢٠٠٨ لغايه شهر ٤ من هذة السنة ولكن عندما تقوم بتجربة الانترنت والخطووط العادية في الوقت الحالي فستلاحظ انها اقوى شبكة
شركة فيفا كانت تعاني مع تراخيص الابراج اما الآن فتم كل شي على خير وهي من افضل الشبكات

M7md Ghazi said...

I'm using Viva , both my phone and internet lines are Viva ,,
about the phone , it simply SUCKS ~ my international sms msg yo9al w 10 la2 .. + yge99oon 3alena free credit for 2 days bs habal .. their offers suck ..
about the internet .. I think its very good :)

Vainglorious said...

Fawaz, I've been a customer of viva since their launch until two weeks ago.. They were nothing but a disappointment to me, wayd 9ubart 3alaihm bs mako fayda, il service 3ala kaifhm, il shay il wa7eed il zain feehm ohwa il internet

sweetd said...

Fawaz:Maybe and maybe not...but my own experiance I don't like it at all!

MG: weee thats not good...:S i heard that about their internet

Vainglorious: yeah I quit them and faught with them :P and told them they r bad..

Anonymous said...

I signed a data plan with them on 12 April 2014 and the router stopped working on 16 April 2014!! Went back to the sales office where I signed the contract they refused to help and referred me to Technical staff at Olympia mall. Went to mall they fixed the router and a day later it stopped working AGAIN. Opened a ticket with VIVA customer service and they referred me to technical staff. Spent 40 mins on the phone talking to various technical people and the end result go to the Olympia mall.
In a nutshell I made a BIG mistake signing with VIVA, WHY:
- Faulty routers
- Sales people don't care after the contract is signed
- Customer services at 102 give you run around
- Technical staff at 102 are incompetent and clueless
- Ultimate solution for anything & everything go to Olympia Mall
To get out of the contract I have to pay more money; IMAGINE THAT!!!!
People please think hard before doing business with these VIVA people!!!!