08 September 2010

Strands Salon in Fanar Kuwait

I want to cut my hair. Most likely after Eid and I usually go to Strands. Does anyone know a similar place I could go to instead? Do you have suggestions of how I should cut my hair? I like short hair but don't know what I should do. I want something trendy and easy to style. I will search for pictures and ask you what you think. We can do a vote too! How does that sound? Too many questions? I will catch you all later. Don't forget to let me know your ideas. Email me any pictures. We will make a post with the pictures and have a VOTE!


Jacqui said...

I usually go to Cutting Edge and I find it relaxing there albiet a little expensive when it comes to haircuts in comparison to other Salons.

sweetd said...

I used to go there..but becuz they keep changing their staff...they had really amazing hairdressers but they left...:D thanks for the comment..

Desert Girl said...

Tony & Guy at Corniche Club does an outstanding job - especially with technical cuts.